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Beaver Dam Management

The Beaver Restoration Guidebook: Working with Beaver to Restore Streams, Wetlands, and Floodplains

Partnering with Beaver in Restoration Workshop: Check out the links on the left hand side of the page

Joe Wheaton Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool (BRAT)

Chilako River

Chilako River Meeting Letter (November 2013)

Chilako River Meeting Letter Final (April 2014)

Murray Creek

Murray Creek Fish Passage Report 2014

Murray Creek Culvert Assessment 2014

Murray Creek Annual Report 2009

Murray Creek Annual Report 2010

Murray Creek Annual Report 2011

Murray Creek Newsletter 2010

Murray Creek Newsletter 2011

Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek Preliminary Watershed Health Assessment

Restoration Report 1990s

Stoney Creek Sediment Sampling and Database, September 2014

NEEF Application

Application 2012