Welcome to NEWSS - the Nechako Environment and Water Stewardship Society. NEWSS has been operating in the Nechako Valley since 2006, and was officially formed as a society in 2013. NEWSS facilitates and conducts stream rehabilitation work within sub-basins of the Nechako watershed. Download our brochure for some highlights of previous projects.

The vision of NEWSS is to act in an advisory capacity for both landowners and government, to serve as a vehicle for the delivery of incentives and investments into the Nechako watershed and to act as a trust that continually to inspires people, landowners and industry to demonstrate high quality land and water stewardship. Learn more about our vision, purpose and objectives.

the watershed

The Nechako Watershed is comprised of 30+ sub basins, over 5 communities and 100,000 people, thousands of hectares of farm land, roads, forested and deforested areas, and changing climate. NEWSS works within the sub basins of the Nechako Watershed, working at the stream doing restoration projects, as well as the government level, discussing policy. We invite you to view our projects by sub basin.

Click on the different watersheds below to get project information, or go to the Watershed & Projects page to learn more about all the watersheds.

Targe Creek Smith Creek Tahultzu Creek Engen Creek Cutoff Creek Swanson Creek Croft Creek Greer Creek Stoney Creek Martens Creek Neuco Creek Sinkut River Hullat Creek Cluculz River Puttah Creek Tatsutnai Creek Nine Mile Creek Kluk Creek Halsey Creek Trankle Creek Redmond Creek Moss Creek Phillips Creek Clear Creek Leona Creek Chilco Creek Le Duc Creek Knight Creek Murray Creek


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  • Sediment sampling within the channel of Stoney Creek, September 2014.

    Restoration work on Stoney Creek continues to be a focus for NEWSS in the coming year. Coastal GasLink has been a major funder in supporting work on Stoney Creek to date. Watch this excellent video that summarizes the rehabilitation work that was completed on Stoney Creek in 2015. Learn more about the history of Stoney Creek, as well as the efforts being made today to improve the habitat and access to this fish bearing system.

    Wayne Salewski of NEWSS and Keil Giddens of Coastal GasLink confirming Coastal GasLink's funding support for a Stoney Creek restoration project for 2016.

  • Richar Martins

    Richard Martens, a long-time rancher in the Nechako Valley and one partner in DMS Ranch, has been a huge advocate for restoration work on Murray Creek. Murray Creek flows through much of Martens' property and his dedication to stewardship and rehabilitating large sections of the creek lead to him being awarded the Cattlemen Associations' Environmental Award 2015. Learn more...