Stats for Knight Creek

Total Area of Watershed: 10,065 ha

Percentage of the Nechako Watershed: <1%

Area in ALR: 5,324 ha

Area outside ALR: 4,741 ha

Total Stream Length: 28,310 m

Length of Stream in ALR: 20,056 m

Length of Stream outside ALR: 8,254 m

Number of Reaches: -

Stoney Creek Watershed within the Nechako Watershed

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Fish Species Known: Rainbow trout

Fish Species Suspected: -


Number of Stream Crossings: -

Number of Land Titles: -


Number of Projects Underway: -

Number of Projects Completed: -

Number of Projects Planned: 1


Knight Creek

Knight Creek is situated on the north side of the Nechako River downstream from the community of Vanderhoof. Knight Creek flows through forest and agricultural lands.

A project is being planned where Knight Creek passes under Sackner Road.

Farther upstream on Knight Creek, there channel is highly degraded.


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