Stats for Clear Creek

Total Area of Watershed: 8,679 ha

Percentage of the Nechako Watershed: 1.9%

Area in ALR: 2,129 ha

Area outside ALR: 6,550 ha

Total Stream Length: 25,154 m

Length of Stream in ALR: 8,387 m

Length of Stream outside ALR: 16,767 m

Average Width: 1.87-4.48 m

Number of Reaches: -

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Fish Species Known: Lake chub, longnose sucker

Fish Species Suspected: Rainbow trout


Number of Stream Crossings: 9 (minimum)

Number of Land Titles: unknown


Number of Projects Underway: 0

Number of Projects Completed: 0

Number of Projects Planned: 0

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Clear Creek

Clear Creek flows south into the Nechako River. It starts in Crown land (logged and unlogged areas) and crosses Highway 27 twice before flowing through the agricultural belt in Braeside. The creek is roughly 25 km long.

Obstructions to Fish Passage

There are three identified obstructions to fish passage on Clear Creek.


At the southern crossing of Highway 27, there is a significant population of watercress (Nasturtium officinale), an aquatic plant native to Europe and Asia. It's origin in Clear Creek is thought to be from Chinese immigrants growing the plant in the creek many many years ago, as watercress is a common plant used for cooking in Asia dishes.

Watercress in Clear Creek, Vanderhoof, BC

Watercress upstream of culvert at Hwy 27 crossing north of Braeside Road. Click on image to enlarge. Photo by Wayne Salewski.

Watercress in Clear Creek, Vanderhoof, BC

Watercress in Clear Creek. Click on image to enlarge. Photo by Wayne Salewski.

Data on Clear Creek

Stream Survey information is available on Clear Creek via the Province of BC's FDIS database.