Stats for Chilako River

Total Area of Watershed: ha

Percentage of the Nechako Watershed:

Area in ALR: ha

Area outside ALR: ha

Total Stream Length: m

Length of Stream in ALR: m

Length of Stream outside ALR: m

Average Width: ~19 m

Number of Reaches: -

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Fish Species Known: Chinook Salmon, Rainbow trout, Longnose Sucker, Burbot, Mountain Whitefish, Redside Shiner, Longnose Dace,

Fish Species Suspected:


Number of Stream Crossings: -

Number of Land Titles: unknown


Number of Projects Underway: 0

Number of Projects Completed: 0

Number of Projects Planned: 1

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Chilako River

The Chilako River flows north into the Nechako River, approximately 30km west of Prince George. It is also called Mud River, due to its murky water.

NEWSS is anticipating projects along the Chilako River. On
November 27, 2013 NEWSS attended a meeting at the Beaverly Fire Department regarding the Chilako River. At the meeting there was expressed community concern for hydrological impacts across private and public land as a result of current watershed conditions (natural and anthropogenic). Some interesting facts about the Chilako River include:

2016 Projects

NEWSS and UFFCA have partnered on two projects in 2016 to stabilize the erosion of the Chilako.

Projects on the Chilako River

One good example of the restoration work done on Chilako River is the addition of large woody debris along the banks. The logs are wrapped in stainless steel cable and anchored with a dead head to ensure that the logs can raise and lower with the river. These logs will buffer the force of the river and limit the erosion by softening the pressure on the river bank. The logs also provide important structure to the river and provide great habitat for fry.

MFLNR Chelton Van Geloven and MLA Mike Morris inspecting the survival of last years willow planting on property owned by Cal Hinton on the lower Chilako River. Notice the electric fencing that now excludes cattle from open access to the river.

Inspecting the joint work of UFFCA and NEWSS on the lower Chilako River.

Two letters were produced from this meeting:

November 2013 Meeting Letter and an updated April 2014 letter.